The journey for Ian Daniels AKA Goldseal has been a long and winding one, once hailed as a 'Songwriter of future distinction,' 'An original rock and roll refugee' and 'One of the more prominent songwriting talents to roll off the Mersey's soulful shores'. 

After turning out in Indie prospects Pere-Lachaise, who's implosion led to the remaining members swift phoenix like regeneration as Guru Sales, who's debut (and final) album ' You can't look back forever' was bullet-holed with potential greatness, and even after a quick reminisce its lost none of its dark edge, in fact seemingly better with age. But theres that word, potential. Potential the word which has proceeded him along with a reputation which for all its controversy is one of a wit, a philosophical renaissance man, more interested in feeling then performing. "I always think like people are doing me a favour coming to my gigs, and listening to me whine on about this or that, and I don't feel comfortable asking for favours, friends tell me I'm stupid, Im open to that." But potential is not a new word to the music industry, plenty have fallen by the wayside, ghosts pocking the chiming mists of time, but 9 years after leaving Guru Sales and Liverpool for the bright lights and soothing alienation of london, maybe this potential is finally going to be realised. After several aborted solo attempts and garnering the reputation of someone who simply keeps jumping off the horse whenever it starts to gallop, teasing fans with glimpses of what might be, chameleon like tinkering evolutions with his sound, (the latest double A-side 'June' was trip hop folk mesh reminiscent of some mournful Bowie clone.) Meanwhile the songwriting style it seems has always stuck fast, bruised and bruising, reflective and longing, a melancholy acceptance of his lot laced with just enough hope that all is not lost. And all is not lost on the evidence of his latest offerings and live shows, having just dusted himself off and rebuilt confidence on a sweeping tour of the USA, shedding restrictions and pressure to succeed for freedom and expression seems to have opened a pandoras box, back to basics, indie, folk, driven soul, Lush vox that have led to comparisons with Messrs Cohen and Cash, balancing the riddled self consciousness of an elliott smith, but humming all the way through with beautiful melodies and purpose. I for one would like to see him stay on this horse. Or in his own words 'Live Life, pay the price, why don't you dare?' 

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